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Information Contained in Our Site

Professionals Section

The Professionals section of the Indexmedico site includes articles, re-prints of selected magazines and journals, results of clinical studies, references and continuing education materials intended for medical professionals, and advertising. While using the contents of this section, keep in mind that content is intended only for adult licensed healthcare professionals. The purpose of this Section is solely informational and educational  content and never meant as a recommendation for any type of medical treatment for any type of disease or intended for any type of patient. Furthermore, remember that the contents of this Website should never be used as a substitute your own professional judgment as a healthcare professional.

Medical Specialties: 

Warning:  This section is intended only for adult licensed healthcare professionals.  The graphical content is medically explicit.  If you should find this material offensive, please return to the Public section, or simply exit the Website.

Public Section

The Public section of the Indexmedico site is only intended to keep the adult public informed.  It does not provide medical advice.  If you have any medical concerns, please consult your  physician.  In the event of an emergency, you are urged to contact qualified emergency personnel immediately. 

Users with any type of medical condition are strongly cautioned to seek professional medical advice before trying any kind of therapy or health treatment. If you should have any  medical concerns, or need advise about  medications and treatments, always consult your  physician or other qualified healthcare professional.


Indexmedico follows an editorial standard for the selection, writing and translation of articles and summaries of articles.  We do not offer any warranty or guarantee related to our Website.  We are not responsible for information that comes from other users or for any of the Websites that are linked to our site.  The organizations that have authorized Indexmedico to summarize and translate the contents of their articles are not responsible for our errors in translation. 

We welcome your suggestions but please note that Indexmedico reserves the right to select the content that is posted in our Website. 


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Laws that govern this agreement

Whereas the information on this Website is accesssed from anywhere in the world, the Website is controlled by the Indexmedico headquarters of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Therefore by using this Website you agree that Argentine law applies to all matters related to the use of the Website.

Privacy Policy

We maintain subscriber information privacy. This policy applies to information that Indexmedico obtains when a subscriber provides the information requested in our registration form(s)

Indexmedico will not sell, trade or disclose to third parties information derived from the registration,  including subscriber names and addresses,  without the consent of the subscriber. 

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via e-mail in California, USA  or Buenos Aires, Argentina, or by telephone: 
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