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The oral hCG Resarch Clinic invites you to:

The first International Workshop on hCG and obesity

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In this site you will find answers, in Spanish,  to the most frequently asked questions about Microsoft products and related topics.     


One of the leading search engines and encyclopedias computing technology. Learn the definitions of various computer terms, such as cache, motherboard, router, firewall, Ethernet, Java, RAM, bus, ISDN, modem, CPU, BIOS, URL,SCSI, etc. 



Tucows: One of the best sites for Internet related software. Spanish text sites for software downloading.    

Internet Fundamentals ©1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.  Legal notices.

In this sections you will find an introduction to the history and content of the Internet and World Wide Web; a review of Internet access requirements and Microsoft® Internet Explorer as well as hints and instructions about how to communicate with other Internet users; how to find information on the Web and guidelines on proper Internet manners. Included are the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • What can you find on the Internet?
  • Connection: Accessing the Internet.
  • Browser fundamentals
  • Browser suggestions
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Microsoft IE updates
  • Internet Security
  • Researching information on the Web
  • Advanced search techniques
  • Communicating with others
  •  Interactivity


A new approach to translation dictionaries.   


Cibal Multimedia - (Only in Spanish) Tools to manage clinical history records.      


International Workshop on hCG and obesity

International Workshop on hCG (Human Coriogonadotropin) and obesity)
September 24-26 2004 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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