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The first International Workshop on hCG and obesity


Why advertise in Indexmedico? 

Thank you for your interest in advertising opportunities with Indexmedico. We are always seeking to establish partnerships with healthcare businesses and organizations that want to be part of this endeavor to share the wealth of information on the Internet with the worldwide Spanish-speaking community. 

Spanish is third among the top ten languages of the world. The primary language of many nations, Spanish is also the first language for many millions of people in multicultural niches around the world. 

For example, according to Census 2000, figures, 12.5 percent of the population of the United States is Hispanic or Latino. In California and Texas, Hispanics or Latinos represent thirty two percent of the population of each state and in New Mexico, forty-two percent.

All in all there are 300 million plus Spanish speakers around the world, and hundreds of thousands of them browse the Internet in search of information, products and services. Among them, a large number of healthcare professionals, as well as the general public, seek medical information. 

Who visits Indexmedico?

Today, visitors to Indexmedico are businesses, individuals and organizations from several countries. Among the top fifty are Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba , Brazil, Dominican Republic, Portugal , Ecuador, Nicaragua, Canada, Panama, UK, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Paraguay, Netherlands, Italy, Guatemala, Australia, US, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Austria, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Norway. 

To better serve their needs, we have recently redesigned the Indexmedico site. Now, we have made a long-term commitment to aggressively build the Indexmedico image recognition in Hispanic America and the United States. Our marketing campaign is managed from our offices in Argentina and the US to ensure that our ads are properly adapted to each locale. Planned promotional efforts include a banner advertising campaign in Yahoo US and international, press releases and more. Therefore, our advertisers will benefit from increased exposure to world markets and the knowledge that you are supporting a worthwhile venture. 

What makes us unique?

Our unique position comes from creating a bilingual site of medical information coupled with the interactivity of a forum where physicians from all areas of the world can post and request information. Frequently postings are from healthcare professionals looking for medical equipment, reagents, pharmaceuticals, etc. 

Unique features: 

  • One of the largest bilingual medical directories (includes links to about 15,000 pages of medical information in English and Spanish). 
  • Articles of interest to healthcare professionals that have been specially selected and summarized for them by physicians. Summaries are provided in Spanish or English, as applicable. Each article includes pages of related information for each of a number of specialties, such as cardiology, dermatology, pediatrics, surgery, etc.
  • Articles of interest to the general public, specially selected and summarized by physicians. Summaries are provided in Spanish or English as applicable. 
  • Magazines and journals of Spanish articles, frequently with summaries in English. Medical professionals and organizations are invited to submit pertinent articles for publication.
  • A Section featuring Hospitals in Hispanic America.
  • An interactive bilingual forum where healthcare professionals and the public can post or search for inquiries.
  • A keyword search form accessible from every page, for English or Spanish searches.

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How to contact us:

For information regarding available advertising opportunities, please fill out the form below or contact us as follows:

Alice Artunian
Ad Sales Manager
+ 714-671-9180 extension 10
+ 888-472-2001 (Toll Free US only)
+ 714-671-9188 fax

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International Workshop on hCG and obesity

International Workshop on hCG (Human Coriogonadotropin) and obesity)
September 24-26 2004 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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